About Us

EVEN cafe Is a result of a dream to build successful chain of restaurants after years of operational in business and development in various fields, we are now proud to carry on the EVEN vision. Moreover, we are proud to have developed a quality and dynamic concept to serve and please customers.

In EVEN, we have never allowed ourselves to become complacent or to stray from our basic formula for success. Our drive to success has been matched only by our relentless hard work and our willingness to face all the challenges of building a successful organization that has a deep sense of commitment towards its customers and team members. We are pleased to say that our customers and team members are exceedingly loyal and that we continue to create new satisfied customers every day.

Our mission is to operate in a manner that is responsible, profitable and to the benefit of employees, customers and community. We provide the highest quality product, service, cleanliness and efficiency at reasonable prices. EVEN Cafe will strive hard to be elite in the restaurant and café industry and is renowned for its innovative and dynamic approach in providing authentic food

Our Objectives are to Attract, train, develop, motivate and retain the highest quality team possible. Become the recognized leader in guest satisfaction and value by superior execution. Expand EVEN Café market presence – create and successfully implement a strategic development plan. Develop and enhance the EVEN Cafe culture and our shared values. Develop, communicate and exceed business objectives.


  • A Genuine and Energizing Concept
  • A Destination of unusual Combinations
  • An Upscale Atmosphere To Chill Out
  • An Irresistible Menu With a Little Bit of Everything